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Back to Top - Turn title into question Title or headline written in the form of a question is very effective in raising curiosity among readers.

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They would want to know the answer and read on. Now which of these titles appeals more? Back to Top - Phrasal verb capitalization in a title Prepositions in a title are not capitalized, unless they are part of a phrasal verb.

A phrasal verb is a verb whose meaning is completed by the addition of another word. They will be capitalized in a title when used as part of a phrasal verb, but will not be capitalized when used proposal research paper as prepositions.

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Back to Top - Intrigue in your title Do not reveal too much in your title, otherwise the reader may not read your entire story or article. A good title only poses question, not give answers. Back to Top - e. They are NOT interchangeable. Both abbreviations should be followed by a comma.

How to Write Your Thesis

Back to Top - Latin abbreviations or English equivalents? Use Latin abbreviations e. Running does and page numbers should be within the recommended margin. Words should be evenly or proportionately spaced and word division at the end of lines should be avoided. Using Arabic numerals, pages should be numbered consecutively through the thesis, including preliminaries and appendices. A single sequence of numbers should be used throughout a multi-volume work.

Order of Contents Preliminary Material Abstract Headed with the author and title of the thesis, the abstract should occupy one side of one thesis and should not exceed lists. Title Page the full title and sub-title.

The title should describe the subject matter accurately and comprehensively, as it will subsequently appear in bibliographies which will be consulted by other researchers; the total number of volumes, if more than one, and the number of the particular volume if applicable ; the full name of the author including forenames; the qualification for which the how protect our environment essay is submitted; the department s in which the research was conducted; the where of the institution, i.

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Durham University, to which the thesis is submitted; the year of submission. Table of Contents Immediately following the title page, the table of contents should creative writing major umich, with page numbers, all the subdivisions of the thesis.

For theses comprising more than one volume, the contents of the whole thesis should be shown in the first volume and the contents of the subsequent volumes in a separate contents list in the appropriate volume.

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Explain the scope of your work, what will and will not be included.